Sometimes a Drum Circle is a big party, sometimes it’s more like a ceremony, and other times it’s orientated to a specific goal or message.

What is a Facilitator?
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In 1983, Sabine Vieten began giving drum lessons and trained to teach both artistic dance and basic music education in Cologne. After beginning an art degree in Kassel, she then continued her studies at the 'Latin Percussion School' in Munich, during which time she also attended the 'Munich Jazz School' and completed a course of study with Udo Dahmen. She has accompanied a wide range of music acts, working with artists such as Glenn Frey of the 'Eagles' and celebrated tenor Gregor Precht. She has also been on an unplugged tour with 'Die Happy', appeared on stage with Cassandra Steen and Adel Tawil, played in the 'Drum Legends' project and accompanied Pete York and Eddie Hardin. Similarly, she has taken part in several successful performances involving dance, movement and music.

Sabine Vieten has worked as a drums and percussion trainer since 1996. Over the years, she has coached actors and trained teachers to develop their musical potential and to hone their expressive skills. Since 2005, she has been a facilitator at 'Drum Cafe in Germany', the world’s leading provider of interactive music sessions.

To date, she has led some 800 events with ten to 10,000 participants, meaning that music has brought her into contact with around 400,000 people.

My drum circles

quickly allow even inexperienced participants with an interest to get into the groove and to enjoy an initial experience with the world of rhythm. There is no age limit: everyone is welcome to connect through music and rhythm. Drum circles are also a great way to combine different skill levels so that everyone has the opportunity to develop at their individual pace.

As a facilitator, my main job is to point the way and make things possible. I provide a stimulus so that the people rehearsing can create their own experiences. I also help out if hurdles appear, keeping an eye on the big picture. My personality is in the background, yet always present and helpful. My sessions are never about me, even if I take the lead in situations. The focus is always on the participants and their personalities, and my role is to drive and foster their development.

Whether they occur in school, to train teachers for the benefit of school groups, in a business context or simply for leisure, drum circles are always about clear communication, a strong presence and authenticity. This is reflected in the music, giving us the opportunity to be mindful and to nurture our strengths while accepting weaknesses. Development is experience – music and creative processes allow us to connect, reflecting a direct and effective form of communication.

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What is a Facilitator?
Let us guide you through our large and unique selection of facilitators and let each one inspire you.
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