Sometimes a Drum Circle is a big party, sometimes it’s more like a ceremony, and other times it’s orientated to a specific goal or message.

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Mathias Schiesser

rhythm music

A long time ago, during a perennial stay in Africa, infected by rhythm fever, I enthusiastically search and teach ways and possibilities to celebrate life through rhythm.

 I play various percussion solo and in various ensembles, lead drumming, TaKeTiNa and body percussion workshops, work as a music therapist mainly with children and young people with behavioural problems and have been leading drum circles with open groups, schools, teams, prisoners, refugees and others for over 20 years.


A circle of very different people (from about 8 to several hundred participants) find their music together. Everybody is explicitly invited to experience the unifying power of rhythm and to experience themselves as part of a strong, creative community, regardless of their educational background, age, origin, etc.

These are healing experiences in times of ego-fixation and isolation. DrumCircles charge the participants with positive energy and are great fun!

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