Sometimes a Drum Circle is a big party, sometimes it’s more like a ceremony, and other times it’s orientated to a specific goal or message.

What is a Facilitator?
Let us guide you through our large and unique selection of facilitators and let each one inspire you.


Knuth Jerxsen

Shortly after Knuth Jerxsen finished studying latin american percussion in Holland, he played concert tours with numerous bands (Andrea Berg, José Carreras, Paul Kuhn, etc.) at home and abroad. In addition to his compositions for theatre and dance companies, he has diverse lectureships, currently at the 'Hochschule für Musik und Tanz' in Cologne. Additional to performances with various artists and several percussion recordings in the own studio, he often travels with 'Beats And Noises' and does a lot of workshops, drum circles and hands-on activities.

Beats And Noises

is a special formation of percussionists, who usually play in very different and famous bands. United to play music with extraordinary drums, everyday objects and products of the industry. The group played at the opening of the 'Ruhrfestspiele', the Red Dot Award, inaugurations of new factories, buildings or even malls (in Dubai, Bahrain and Frankfurt), numerous trade fairs, roadshows or events and festivals.

As a drum formation they´ve been part of staging of theaters and events – even in the air as 'drummers in the air'. For other occasions they offer workshops, hands-on activities from the stage or do drum circles.

If you want to learn drumming,

use the knowledge of longtime professional drummers and percussionists. The drum training can take place in your own environment or the premises of your company. The instrumentes like djembes, bongos, plastic buckets will be provided by 'Beats And Noises' and we also offer to conceive a customized workshop program for your employees. It is amazing how the drum training will have a possitive effect on your body and soul. You will learn the drumming in a professional environment and additionally 'Beats And Noises' is equipped with a large set of different percussion instruments. We show you different basic techniques, improve your sense for rhythm, experience music and get to you know your colleagues from a completely different perspective.

A lot of companies are interested in such teambuilding activities, to create curiosity, inspire creativity and increase motivation. Even private individuals or large groups like to join in at 'Beats And Noises' workshops.

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