Sometimes a Drum Circle is a big party, sometimes it’s more like a ceremony, and other times it’s orientated to a specific goal or message.

What is a Facilitator?
Let us guide you through our large and unique selection of facilitators and let each one inspire you.


Ken Crampton

Ken Crampton is a Community Arts Facilitator and owner of 'Eyeclopes Studios / Everybody Drum'. In 1986, Ken bought his first drum and started holding drum circles immediately! Studying with teachers from around the world including Arthur Hull, Babatunde Olatunji, Mamady Keita, Keith Terry, Kalani, Essa Grayson, and Jaqui MacMillan, Ken brings the rhythms of many cultures to his work while teaching others the basic language of the drum spoken across the globe. He did a nationwide tour opening for Keller Williams and has performed with various other artists as well as solo. He is hired by schools (pre-K through college), libraries, banks, festivals, church retreats, adult care facilities, and corporations for workshops, icebreakers or keynote presentations.

With his combined learning in the field coupled with studying with master facilitators, he has been learning the unique nuances of personal and self care through the arts!

Well versed in facilitating circles for various populations of learners from young children to elders, Ken has a talent for being able to reach individuals with special needs including children with autism, emotional disturbance as well as elders with Alzheimer’s. Through drumming, he helps patients connect and to communicate with each other in a positive way. He is a graduate of 'HealthRHYTHMS', 'Village Music Circles', and 'Drum Circle Music'.

Everybody Drum

Drumming is a great equalizer where everyone regardless of age or ability has a place in the circle. Through this work, Everybody Drum offers icebreakers for corporate events, community drum circles and instruction, private lessons, and therapeutic experiences. Ken is also a staple of the east coast festival scene by performing annually at 'Spoutwood Fairie Festival', 'Baltimore Fairie Faire', 'Maryland Fairie Festival', 'FairieCon' and many more music and arts festivals.

Drumming is coupled with various other showcases of Ken’s artistic talents including sound flowers, flag garden, and a 50 foot dragon dance. Ken has been an active member of his communities, great and small, as a founder of 'First Night Fredericksburg', 'First Fridays in Fredericksburg', the 'Drum Circle Facilitators Guild'.

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