Sometimes a Drum Circle is a big party, sometimes it’s more like a ceremony, and other times it’s orientated to a specific goal or message.

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New Zealand

John Boone

Born in the Netherlands, John Boone was 5 when he fell in love with drumming, his daily routine was taking out all the pots and pans and giving them a good beating with the biggest wooden spoons he could find. At the age of 12, his family decided to immigrate to the other side of the world and they settled in a small town called Katikati on the East Coast of New Zealand.

John attended 'Katikati College' where music, drama and sport played a big part of everyday school life unlike the schools he attended in Holland. Realizing this was a privilege John auditioned for drama groups, music events and sport teams and at the age of 13 got his first drumkit lessons. By the time he was 15 he had joined most of the school bands and drama performances.

In 1989 John moved to Christchurch to study at the 'University of Canterbury', his studies were funded by playing in cover bands which played in local bars during the weekend. It was during this time that his passion for music grew even stronger.

After graduating with a Bachelor of Science and working 2 years as a lab technician, John decided that it was time to see other parts of the world and to reconnect with his home country. It was on this trip that John visited Africa where he fell in love with the energy of African rhythms and the concept of group drumming.

Rhythm Interactive

In 2000 John returned to New Zealand with an exciting idea to set up an interactive percussion business targeting the corporate events industry. 'Rhythm Interactive' was born in 2003 a performance that resulted from his experience with both music and drama. In 2010 the performance won the category of 'Best nationwide corporate entertainment' through the people's choice awards (Corporate events guide), and in 2015 John was invited to present at 'TEDx Auckland', where he performed to 2500 people (2500 drums) and he spoke about the art of creating collective flow.

John's journey has taken him to various parts of the globe, sharing with fantastic musicians and connecting thousands of people through rhythm from all backgrounds and ages. His performance is not bound by language as no words are spoken throughout his performance as part of the theme 'Actions speak louder than words' John's passion for music and connecting people through it is what drives his performances, his dream is to connect the world through rhythm, break down barriers and heal the planet through making music together.

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