Sometimes a Drum Circle is a big party, sometimes it’s more like a ceremony, and other times it’s orientated to a specific goal or message.

What is a Facilitator?
Let us guide you through our large and unique selection of facilitators and let each one inspire you.


Dave Holland

Dave Holland is a high energy world percussionist, teaching artist and drum circle facilitator. He has traveled the world to study rhythm and culture and then returned to his home in the U.S. to create rhythm based programs for kid, community and corporate settings. 

As owner of 'Beatin’ Path Rhythm Events', Dave believes that interactive rhythm experiences have a unique power to create long lasting connections to one’s community, history and culture. Dave has presented at the 'Percussive Arts Society’s International Conference', the 'National Drum Circle Facilitator’s Guild Conference', the 'National Music Educators’ Conference', and many statewide music educator conferences across the U.S.

He is the author of notable resources for rhythm based facilitators, including 'Drumagination', 'Interactive Rhythm' and 'Body Jammin'.  He is also the creator of the online training course 'World Rhythm 101' and the live workshop 'Drum Circle Classroom'.

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