Sometimes a Drum Circle is a big party, sometimes it’s more like a ceremony, and other times it’s orientated to a specific goal or message.

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Bill Saragosa

The Call of Rhythm

I have been conducting Rhythm Circles for teams, for events, and for social institutions in the Munich area for over 13 years. I also teach Tai Chi Chuan, an internal martial art that I started practicing some 20 years ago. One thing that Tai Chi and Rhythm Facilitation have in common is they both require finely tuned perceptions, sensitivity, and body wisdom. They also both require a good measure of practice!

Every Drum Circle has a dynamic life of its own. Sometimes it can be a chaotic environment. As a Facilitator, I have to be ready to enter the chaos. I have to be aware of the overall group dynamic, and simultaneously the individual needs of each participant. It is a subtle art that is best served with a lot of heart and soul, and just the right nuances.

Everybody wants to feel a part of the success, to be vitally connected to the musical whole. Everybody deserves to feel a sense of belonging. That is where I need to bring them.

It’s amazing how people respond when they sit down behind a drum and get to play in a group. For many people it could be their first time with a drum. They are receiving a kind of initiation. They start finding find a new sense of confidence and connectedness. Long held beliefs about limitations and expectations fall away. They feel liberated, empowered, and included.

The Call of Rhythm embraces the entire being: Body, Mind, and Spirit. That’s what keeps this work fresh and exciting.

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