Sometimes a Drum Circle is a big party, sometimes it’s more like a ceremony, and other times it’s orientated to a specific goal or message.

What is a Facilitator?
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Bertalan sárkány

Bertalan Sárkány is an acknowledged and widely employed percussionist of his generation in Hungary.  He most commonly plays pop music for many well-known bands and there are not many music clubs or festivals where he has not yet performed.  He mostly plays pop music, for which he has been awarded many accolades for his services at several famous competitions/events, however world music is also close to his heart.

Bertalan teaches percussion to his private students while alongside this he is also working on a process to make these musical instruments more accessible to others.  This is especially important as there is currently very little exposure to these instruments in Hungary.

He obtained his BA degree in economics and a Master’s degree in Business Administration. Parallel to his musical career, he works in the area of Organizational Development, where he holds percussion instrument based trainings to companies.  This is a much deeper concept that goes beyond the ‘usual’ teambuilding activities. The main goal of the "Ritmus Labor" trainings is to get the participants out of their mundane lifestyle and to have an effect on their work performance, motivation and cooperation through the joy of drumming. 

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